The Macrocosm in the Microcosm

Man is a microcosm, or a little world, because he is an extract from all the stars and planets of the whole firmament, from the earth and the elements; and so (s)he is their quintessence.
— Paracelsus

The practice of Iridology is both an art and a science. An ancient practice and yet as well as a  modern tool at the frontier of time and space. Iridology is a tool that can be immediately integrated into one’s life as in-depth support for emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health. Wholistic in nature, the Iris readings are used to educate the client in a method that is empowering and deeply supportive of their overall well-being. In addition to being safe, painless, and non-invasive, Iridology resonates harmoniously with the principles of holistic, alternative, and complimentary natural medicines.

An Evolutionary Iridology Reading provides an opportunity to create personalized health-building wellness programs that focus on the exact needs of the individual client.

Similar to the loveliness of twinkling star, the Iris stands out as an incredible mandala of beauty. Each exquisite in it's unique way.
Patterns of contraction, expansion, reflect and mirror the the dynamic flow of mana (life-force). Evolutionary Iridology is truly a glimpse into the heart and soul of the Divine as it dances to the rhythm of the Spirit within. 

Tara is honored to have read nearly a 1000 Irises and considers it both a profound and sacred practice. With respect for the immense insights that are received throughout the Iridology sessions, client confidentially is strictly maintained.

Tara offers a variety of options for readings.


Sliding Scale 108$ - 150 $

A couples reading is an excellent way to deepen your relationship.

In a Couples Reading each individual receives a personal reading. This is done in absolute private

Whether a romantic couple, parent-child, or siblings a 'couple reading' provides irreplaceable tools for enhancing your relationship.

Sliding Scale 200$ - 300$

Family Constellations:

Sliding Scale 300$ - 500$

Private sessions can be done from anywhere on the planet. Either in person or via Skype. 

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