Cover our mother earth four times in flowers
— Zuni Prayer

Flower Essences

All living things have a (personal) song that has a specific vibrational resonance. As the crowning jewels of the plant kingdom, flowers sing exquisite songs. Flower 'essences' are the imprint of this 'song' from either wild or cultivated flowers into pure water. This imprint that is then stabilized, bottled, and potentiated under sunlight, moonlight, and starlight.

Subtle and yet deeply effective, 'Flower Essences' are a profound method of supporting and bringing about vibrational harmony (Lokahi) and well-being to one's mind, body, and heart. Flower essences are safe for all beings including elders, children, hapai (pregnant mommas), and our beloved animal friends.

Personal Flower Essence Blends are effective for immediate support and helpful as an on-going treasure to enhance your overall well-being. Tara Michelle would be honored to engage with you in designing a personal Flower Essence Blend for your highest happiness. 

The Earth Laughs in Flowers
— Ralph Waldo Emerson