Adopt Global / Green Thinking and Business Practices

  1. Commit the company to pursuit of positive social and environmental chafe; consider responsibilities we have to our environment globally and the far-reaching effects of our business decisions.
  2. Accomplish our vision with an approach that includes customers, suppliers, employees, our families, our communities, and our beautiful Earth all being considered. 
  3. Minimize (at all levels) of our community our use of natural resources -raw materials, energy, water, and whatever technologically, environmentally, and economically feasible. the use of renewable resources in business activities and buying decisions.


Raising Consciouness: 

  1. Include Promotion of environmental awareness as part of Marketing Strategy, both interns of company produce image and actual collateral materials. Allow for comprehensive public disclosure of our environmental policies and procedures. 
  2. Educate all employees on environmental issues - they should be able to answer questions as to what and why we do things the way we do.



  1. The Pursuit of growth is often detrimental/explotive to the environment..we will find the balance between limiting environmental impact and our long-term goals of being a commercially viable and environmentally sustainable business. 
  2. As we grow, our policies and the policies f our business partners should evolve and move forward with us.

Pollution Control Waste Management, Energy Management:

  1. We are committed to the protection of the quality of water, land, and air that supports us. We will protect our environment from abuse through managed compliance and practices. 
  2. We will utilize the 3-level approach of waste avoidance: reduce,re-use, and recycle. We will adopt renewable resource choices and pursue the highest possible energy efficiency in our operations. 
  3. We will dispose of waste in the safest and most responsible method available.


  1. We will regularly review, audit, and analyze operations to pursue continuous improvement of responsible action as these choices become financially and technologically feasible.
  2. We will assess our performance, as well as that of our suppliers and other business partners, so that we may set clear goals for improvement. We will encourage our partners to also report on their environmental policies and performance.