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Liquid Love Juice Feast

The Liquid Love Juice Feast is a general guideline for your clearing and health. 

The following guide gives contemplations and suggestions for 3-7 days of cleansing and a juice feast recipe book.

Adjust it to the appropriate number of days that work best for your body and your schedule. Be steady in your commitment and flexible in your heart as and you honor your personal experience!

Remember that creating changes happens on a variety of levels. This juice feast is designed to support YOU in your overall well-being.  As an exchange of energy, I humbly suggest making a donation to your favorite cause, charity or organization, thus extending the reach into the world around you.

Do what serves YOU – this is your opportunity to get honest and clear with your own needs.  If you ever need a little something extra, listen to your body rather than operating from a place of scarcity.  As with any lifestyle program, consult your wellness practitioner before beginning.  Your health and well-being is your number one priority within this practice.

* If you are pregnant or nursing, remove the liver cleanse drink as well as garlic, ginger and cayenne. Please consult with your health care professional before commencing.

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