A Wild, Holy Band by Hafiz

Your breath is a sacred clock, my dear -
Why not use it keep time with God's name?

And if your feet are ever mobile
Upon this ancient drum, the earth,
O do not let your precious moments 
Come to naught.

let your steps dance silently
To the rhythm of the Beloved's Name!

My fingers and my hands
Never move through empty space,
For there are
Invisible golden lute strings all around,
Sending Resplendent Chords
Throughout the Universe.

I hear the voice
Of every creature and every plant,
Every wold and sun and galaxy -
Singing the Beloved's Name!

I have awakened to find violin and cello,
Flute, harp, and trumpet,
Cymbal, bell, and drum - 
All within me!
From head to toe, every part of my body
Is chanting and clapping!

The Beloved has made you 
Such a luminous Man!

For with constant remembrance of God,
One's whole body will become
A wonderful and Wild
Holy Band!