Toltec Wisdom

Be impeccable with your word

Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.

Don't take anything personal

Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won't be the victim of needless suffering.

Don't make assumptions

Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness, and drama. With just this one agreement, you can transform your life.

Always do your best

Your best is going to change from moment to moment. It will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstances, simply do your best, and your will avoid self judgment and regret. 


Early to bed and early to rise
makes a (wo)man healthy, wealthy, and wise.
— Ben Franklin

Sleep is an essential wellness treasure to be cultivated and cherished.
and the two hours before midnight are essential for recovery and healing.

The two hours before midnight are essential for recovery and healing.

What NOT to do:

TV/Computer in the bedroom
Eating immediately before going to sleep
(the body is designed to detoxify and heal during sleep, rather than digest)
Release (or at least) limit alcohol, pop, caffeine, recreational drugs, sugar
Clear the dust bunnies from your home, mind, and body
Clear the clutter
NEVER go to bed angry

What TO do:
Rise with the Sun
Natural Exposure to Sun, the Moon & the Stars
Moderate Daily Exercise
Gentle Stretching  
Warm Baths with essential oils (Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Vetiver, Serenity, and Balance)
Dark room with quiet
Read and/ or Meditate
Balance your hormones (Life Long Vitality and Whisper)
Moderate Stress
Hydrate (.5 x body weight = ounces of water per day)
Reduce Environmental Pollutions and Toxins
Get a fabulous eco-mattress, bedding, and pillows
Count your Blessings

Some signs of sleep deprivations:
Mood swings
Wired and tired (we all need 7-9 hours of sleep daily)
Inability to lose weight
Crazy cravings
Hormonal Imbalances

Give your body what it needs so it can heal itself.
— Dr. David K Hill

‘O Keia Ka Manawa


O Keia Ka Manawa

NOW is the time and we are the ones we’ve been waiting for

Right now in this very moment you have the opportunity to transform your life. Welcome each day as a new day. Invite yourself to the present, wonderful moment.

The Universe began over 13 billion years ago And from then until this exquisite moment it has been expanding in the direction of infinity and complexity.

Each being is a profound and deeply intelligent expression of the divine.

In order to flourish and thrive it is imperative that you embrace your own worthiness and BE willing to express genuine appreciation, respect, and love for yourself. Connect to and bring forth your own essential and greatest gifts. Your own version of the LOVE frequency. In this way become highly skilled at feeling good and living fully and thriving.

In other words, mediocrity in any part of your life is no longer an option.

problems cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created them
— Albert Einstein

We are each personally responsible for the state of the outer world and custodians of each others hearts!

This is good news!

No matter how painful or challenging our circumstances may appear to is our kuleana (sacred duty) to become our most authentic selves for our community and our world. The gift being born from our current circumstances and challenges is the opportunity to make a leap forward to the actualization of our greatness. 

As we transform the entire world transforms. And as we leap into the source of our own most authentic selves, we entree the realm of infinite possibility. There is no fundamental breakthrough in the world until there is one in us!

The only way the world can make a quantum leap from conflict and fear to peace and love is if that same quantum leap occurs within us
— Marianne Williamson


Take the quantum leap in consciousness that brings new meaning or new context to any situation of perceived problem

BE the change

BE the starting point
BE the practical power and the creative solution will organically flow into and have an effect on everything and everyone around you.

BE peace, BE love, BE joy


I love you
I’m sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you

Ho’oponopono is a traditional system for restoring lokahi, or harmony, within the client and their ohana (extended family). If the Ho’oponopono process is  given a chance to manifest it’s magic everyone involved must bring to the moment of healing a mind that is open and positive. Forgiveness is making the decision that whatever happened is no longer important. 

an error does not become a mistake
until you refuse to correct it

The following 14 steps are from the beautiful book: ‘Pele’s Wish’

1) There must be the belief that problems can be definitely resolved if approached properly.

2) It must be approached with a true intention to correct wrongs.

3) The confession of error must be full and honest.

4) Prayers and forgiveness must come from the heart.

5) There must be nothing withheld.

6) There must be full awareness that neither a crying fit or shouting match will solve the problem.

7) Everyone talks openly about their feelings and resentments, but not simply for cathartic purposes. The safety valve of discussion is used as a preventative measure so that minor disputes do not lead to major grievances.

8) ‘Talking things out’ is not enough. Something constructive must be done about the cause of the grudges.

9) Participating in this process requires maturity.

10) Total truth is required without intentional coercion or slanting of facts.

11) All essential material should be told, no matter how painful this may be.

12) Telling must never be vindictive or delivered with a desire to hurt.

13) When a person comes to you and asks for your forgiveness, you cannot turn your back on them. You have to forgive fully and completely.

14) The person asking for forgiveness must remain humble throughout. A lying apology is a lie to the Higher Self and God. Offending one is offending all. Making peace with one is making peace with all.


Wellness Tools and Treasures

  1. Right Eating (ai pono):
    Live-it…fresh alive food.
    ot too much not too little. 
    Macro-nutrients (Proteins, essential fats, and carbohydrates). 
    Micro-nutrients (Vitamins, minerals, enzymes). 
    Superfoods, herbs, medicinal mushrooms, seaweeds, soaked and sprouted raw nuts.

    Raw plant food is a indeed major key to unlocking humanities dormant superhero powers.
    Expand your fruit and vegetable portfolio 

  2. Fresh AirFull inhalations and full exhalations.
    reath breath breath!
  3. Pure WaterFresh spring water or reverse osmosis or distilled water that had been activated by sunlight, moon, or starlight.
    Drink out of glassware whenever possible. 

    Drink .5 x body weight = ounces of pure water per day
  4. Sunshine30-60 minutes a day of sun-light to rejuvenate and recharge! 
    Connecting to sunlight through the eyes and directly on your skin is excellent for the pineal gland (regulating sleep and wake cycle), for regulating hormones (including thyroid), balancing seratonin levels and inducing a happy mood, and for the production of healthy bones. 
  5. Exercise : Mindful Movement is Meditation and Medicine for the Spirit. 
    Exercise tones the muscles and strengthens the bones.
    Stimulates the organs, nervous and digestive systems. 
    Strengthen the respiratory system
    Regulate circulatory system.
    20-30 minutes of mindful movement
    3- 5 x per week will immediately improve your quality of life.

    Find something that you love and DO IT! 
  6. Rest Mental, emotional, and spiritual peace are imperative for overall well-being.
    Take time for regeneration and recuperation. Read, write, meditate, be gentle, sleep. 
if we surrender to earth’s intelligence
we could rise up rooted,
like trees
— Rainer Maria Rilke