I love you
I’m sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you

Ho’oponopono is a traditional system for restoring lokahi, or harmony, within the client and their ohana (extended family). If the Ho’oponopono process is  given a chance to manifest it’s magic everyone involved must bring to the moment of healing a mind that is open and positive. Forgiveness is making the decision that whatever happened is no longer important. 

an error does not become a mistake
until you refuse to correct it

The following 14 steps are from the beautiful book: ‘Pele’s Wish’

1) There must be the belief that problems can be definitely resolved if approached properly.

2) It must be approached with a true intention to correct wrongs.

3) The confession of error must be full and honest.

4) Prayers and forgiveness must come from the heart.

5) There must be nothing withheld.

6) There must be full awareness that neither a crying fit or shouting match will solve the problem.

7) Everyone talks openly about their feelings and resentments, but not simply for cathartic purposes. The safety valve of discussion is used as a preventative measure so that minor disputes do not lead to major grievances.

8) ‘Talking things out’ is not enough. Something constructive must be done about the cause of the grudges.

9) Participating in this process requires maturity.

10) Total truth is required without intentional coercion or slanting of facts.

11) All essential material should be told, no matter how painful this may be.

12) Telling must never be vindictive or delivered with a desire to hurt.

13) When a person comes to you and asks for your forgiveness, you cannot turn your back on them. You have to forgive fully and completely.

14) The person asking for forgiveness must remain humble throughout. A lying apology is a lie to the Higher Self and God. Offending one is offending all. Making peace with one is making peace with all.