Language as LOVE

Language reveals the heart of a people and their culture.

The Hawaiian language is a beautiful melodic and gentle language that sounds more like a mele (song) than mere words. Most Polynesian languages share the same roots. There are 5 volwels (A,E,I,O,U) and 7 consonants (H,K,L,M,N,P, W) for a total of 12 letters. The weaving together of the 5 vowels and 7 consonants lends to an exceptional language that brings nuance and depth to the Hawaiian language that immediately resonates in the heart of the listener.

A he nani ke ao nei:
Behold this lovely world.

Ai hiki no ku'uhoa:
Yes, I can do, I will do my friend.

A ko luna a iko lala':
As above so below

Patient, perseverance. 
Using everything you know and doing everything you can to make healing happen- The act of moving toward something you want for as many breaths as it takes.

Ahonui a Lankila:
With patience, we will overcome.

Ai pono:
To eat right.

The land. The earth

'Aina momona:
A place of abundance.

'A ki luna a imo lala':
as above
so below

Watchful, alertness, awaken (path of light).

Aloha (ancient Kahiko):
Alo: recognizing in ourselves and each other the essence of our connection to Spirit.
Ha: Breath. Merging the divine breath of life and human experience.

Aloha 'aina:
Love of the land.

Aloha e ka la e ka la. 
E ola mai e ka la
ka coma nei.

Greetings to the Sun, life, the earth.

Aloha kaua:
How are you? How is your relationship/ conjunction with another.

A'ohe pau ke 'ke ila halau ho akaki:
All knowledge is not taught in one school.

A 'one Lokomaka' I nele pana:
No kind deed has ever lacked it's reward.

A me na manawa iki ko'u pono:
I am grateful for all the blessings that surround me.

'Ano 'ai me ke Aloha:
Greetings with Aloha

'Ano ano:
From seed to blossom.


(akua: Ancestral) Protector/ Guide.

E kala mai:
I'm sorry, please forgive me.

E komo mai:
All are welcome

E no' ono' o pono:
Envision the positive outcome.

Humility (great breath of patience). 

Hahaha'a Kou Kulana:
Poised in humility.

aha no ka ua I ke ulula 'au
The rain follows the forest

aha no ka ua ika ulula:
The rain follows the forest.

The sacred birth. Mother Earth/ Earth Goddess

He 'olina leo ka ke aloha:
Joy is the voice of love

He 'e wai:
Wave rider.

Hina (Moon Goddess)
E Ku! E HIna!
a aka ho'okumu, ho'okawowo Ho' 
lulu Ho' ohua
The God's that bring into being,
that cause to thrive,
that cause to grow

Hinaikamalama: (Hina in the Moon)
Born of a dew drop on a full moon light.

to treat with respect as Sacred or Holy.


Ho mai ka loca ike ka mana
Ia'e ka honau la

Bring cleverness, knowledge, supernatural powers so that earth may ascend.



Ho'omoe wai kane ke kao'o
Let's travel together like water flowing in one direction.

To make right.
A traditional prayer for restoring harmony within one's life, community, and the world.
I love you
I’m sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you very much


Hula is a complex form of worship/ritual. Both a discipline and a spiritual practice. 

dol e ai 'ia Hawaii he moeu:
Go and possess the island of Hawaii, your true inner beauty.

'ike no ika la oka 'ike mana ne, ka la oka mana:
There is a time for knowledge and a time for mana.

I loa'a ka wa mahope
e pono 'oe noelo i ka wa mamua:

To discover your further, you must look to your past.

'I'O (Mystery)
Ho mai ka loca ike ka mana
Ia'e ka honua la

Bring cleverness, knowledge, supernatural powers so that the Earth may ascend.


Kai Malia:
Calm blue ocean.

Kane Huna Moku:
Legendary island of paradise.

Ka lei aloha i na Kupuna:
In the circle of love are the ancestors.


Sacred duty. True calling.

Spirit revealing itself. Source of infinite light. 
Joy of victory over obstacles that diminish the wisdom of enlightenment. 

Ancient word for hula.

Ku I ka mana:
From the mouth of the teacher the student receives knowledge mana is the merging of heart, mind, spirit, and breath.

Precious Teacher.


Living treasure.

Lamaku o ka na' auao: (torch of wisdom). Great thinkers.
Joy of victory over obstacles that diminish the wisdom of enlightenment. Shine on Iner light.


Lawe ika ma'alea a ka' 'on'ono: 
To learn a skill and take it deep. Acquire.

Garland. Wreath.
The giving of a lei symbolizes a completion of the circle of family. Includes those that came before us and those that will come after.

Loving hands. Refers to a traditional healing arts form passed down from from Kumu (teacher) to student and elder to child. 

La'au Lapaau':
Medicine person. Healer. blessed with the gift of the medicines of the 'aina (earth/land).


Lokahi Ak'ulike A kakui Ena Hawai'i:
Gentle are the people of Hawai'i.

Mahalo Nui Loa:
Thank you very much.

Mahalo nui loa no pomaika'i nei au:
I am so grateful  for all the blessings that surround me.

Moon, Month, Moonlight. Full Moon. Born of a dew drop on the full moon. 

Care; hospitality. Welcoming one as 'ohana'...making them feel at home and special.

Malama 'o ka mahina:
Moonlight. Goddess of the moon.

Ocean. Towards the ocean (as in direction).


Life force.


Mountain. Towards the mountain (as in direction).

Song, Melodic. 

Dolphin. Bringer of joy.

Nana Namoe:
Look to your dreams.


Nani ka ala:
Walk the beauty road.

Na Wahine mana nui
Women's strength, intelligence, and wisdom.

Ne ke aloha no na wahine
Na ku punahine,
Na ma kuahino,

Me na kaikamahine O Hawai'i
With love to the women and the daughters of Hawai'i

Noho an'i ka manawa:
I am (I dwell) in the moment.

No wa pua o namamo:
For future generations.

Pehea hau pho:
How is your spirit?

Central point.

To do what is right.

Ancestor in the form of Owl. Teacher. Guidance and wisdom  'Amakua.  


Sacred flame within our heart. Fire of heart. Transformation through heart. 

O ka onohi ula oka lani ko inoa
The rainbow of heaven is your name.

O' keia ka manawa
NOW is the time.


O ku'u lei o powa
Rainbow colors morning light.

Ola ka 'aina
The land that lives.

Ou ka leo oka pu
The voice of the shell sounds.

Ua mauke ea o ka 'aina ike pono
Honor the land that feeds us.

The gift that came here.

Wahi Pana
Importance of place.

Wa ma hope
Navigating into the future.

Was aku aka lani
Let the selecting be done in Heaven.





exquisite photo by Cadenicia Photography

Sisters are those kindred hearts with which you can be your most authentic and natural Self. Some of these are our sisters from our birth families and some our from our hanai (chosen families).

Our power as sisters on this exquisite planet lies not in us competing with one another but rather in embracing our natural feminine gifts...those of strength and compassion; enchantment, tenderness and sensuality; intelligence and playfulness; honesty, integrity, and authenticity. 

We are meant to inspire, enliven, and empower one another...and have the beloved's wild and exquisite playful...have fun!

Guidelines to manifest and maintain these precious life-enhancing relationships:

  1. Be the kind of sister that you would love to attract. 
    Be authentic, loving, kind, compassionate, helpful, generous, and in integrity.
  2. Dream, vision, and manifest together!
  3. Encourage your sisters to live their high vibe dreams. 
  4. Praise your sisters with your thoughts, words, and actions. 
  5. Never-ever-ever speak poorly of your sisters. NEVER!
    This is called 'triangulation' and is VERY damaging to any relationship.
  6. Go directly to your sister if their is something that needs to heal or clear. 
  7. When healing is needed.  Be sincere.
    Ask for forgiveness and offer forgiveness

    Ho'oPonoPono (to make right)

    - I love you
    - I'm sorry
    - Please forgive me
    - Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much)
  8. Go on adventures and play together.
  9. Cherish with affection and spoil with your unique kinda LOVE.
  10. Allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised by your sister's amazingness.
  11. Make eye contact. Make heart contact.
    Make phone, email, text, and best of all-in person contact.
  12. Laugh together. A lot!
  13. Offer assistance when it is sincere and helpful. Keep your word.
  14. If your sister is sick or over-stretched: bring her soup and make her tea. Help her with her chores, errands, pets, children (you are the auntie after all)...whatever she needs so she can rest and heal and get back to thriving!
  15. Allow for growth, deepening, and expansion in your relationship.
  16. Be there when they REALLY need you. 100%
  17. Praise your sisters assets and let-go of the rest. 
  18. Enjoy your sister's beauty. She too is a child of The Great Mystery.
    It is her (and your) birthright to shine bright like a diamond.
  19. Never -ever-ever pull any shenanigans with her beloved. Ever!
    This is a sure-fire way to loose a sister.
  20. Even've known her your (or her) whole life...allow your sister to change.
    Change is natural.
  21. Never take anything or anyone for granted.


What we love, We protect