exquisite photo by Cadenicia Photography

Sisters are those kindred hearts with which you can be your most authentic and natural Self. Some of these are our sisters from our birth families and some our from our hanai (chosen families).

Our power as sisters on this exquisite planet lies not in us competing with one another but rather in embracing our natural feminine gifts...those of strength and compassion; enchantment, tenderness and sensuality; intelligence and playfulness; honesty, integrity, and authenticity. 

We are meant to inspire, enliven, and empower one another...and have the beloved's wild and exquisite playful...have fun!

Guidelines to manifest and maintain these precious life-enhancing relationships:

  1. Be the kind of sister that you would love to attract. 
    Be authentic, loving, kind, compassionate, helpful, generous, and in integrity.
  2. Dream, vision, and manifest together!
  3. Encourage your sisters to live their high vibe dreams. 
  4. Praise your sisters with your thoughts, words, and actions. 
  5. Never-ever-ever speak poorly of your sisters. NEVER!
    This is called 'triangulation' and is VERY damaging to any relationship.
  6. Go directly to your sister if their is something that needs to heal or clear. 
  7. When healing is needed.  Be sincere.
    Ask for forgiveness and offer forgiveness

    Ho'oPonoPono (to make right)

    - I love you
    - I'm sorry
    - Please forgive me
    - Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much)
  8. Go on adventures and play together.
  9. Cherish with affection and spoil with your unique kinda LOVE.
  10. Allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised by your sister's amazingness.
  11. Make eye contact. Make heart contact.
    Make phone, email, text, and best of all-in person contact.
  12. Laugh together. A lot!
  13. Offer assistance when it is sincere and helpful. Keep your word.
  14. If your sister is sick or over-stretched: bring her soup and make her tea. Help her with her chores, errands, pets, children (you are the auntie after all)...whatever she needs so she can rest and heal and get back to thriving!
  15. Allow for growth, deepening, and expansion in your relationship.
  16. Be there when they REALLY need you. 100%
  17. Praise your sisters assets and let-go of the rest. 
  18. Enjoy your sister's beauty. She too is a child of The Great Mystery.
    It is her (and your) birthright to shine bright like a diamond.
  19. Never -ever-ever pull any shenanigans with her beloved. Ever!
    This is a sure-fire way to loose a sister.
  20. Even've known her your (or her) whole life...allow your sister to change.
    Change is natural.
  21. Never take anything or anyone for granted.


What we love, We protect